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Happy Friends

Building Stronger Communities Through Diversity.

Multicultural Integration Australia is a not-for-profit organisation promoting mutual understanding, respect, and acceptance between people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities in Western Australia.

Join our community and let's work together to promote inclusiveness, understanding and harmony in Western Australia.

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What We Do and How We're Different.

MCIA has a strong focus on providing training to migrants to help them gain confidence and enter the workforce. The organization also provides a range of support services to help people settle into their new community, including language classes, community events, and cultural exchanges.

The organization provides a range of services that are not available from any government organization, including social, cultural, educational, and training programs that help people from diverse backgrounds integrate into Australian society.

Creating a More Inclusive Western Australia.

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive Western Australian community where individuals from all backgrounds and abilities can come together and thrive.


We strive to provide access to information, skills, and networks that support integration, contribution, and a sense of belonging for all residents.

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Our Supporters & Partners.

Founders Foreword.

"We are a not-for-profit organisation and have been providing a range of services free of charge or at a low and heavily subsidised rate on functions held to promote our members of all ages since our inception."

Helen Skuthorp

Founder & CEO

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