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Melbourne Cup & Pageant 2022

Maldivian Delegation Meets The School Curriculum and Standards Authority & The WA Department of Education

Gratitude and Acknowledgement: MCIA Facilitates Meeting with The School Curriculum and Standards Authority and a Delegation from the Maldives.

Members of the delegation met with:

Juanita Healy · Executive Director - School Curriculum and Standards.

Ivan Banks - Executive Director at Department for Education.

Peter Byrne. Assistant Director General at Department of Communities. Department of Communities.

And later with

Joe Bontempo - Manager, International Education · Department of Education.


Discussions were centered around Partnering with the Department of Education and Maldivian schools interested in incorporating the WA Curriculum. The discussions regarding curriculum content, achievement standards, and the principles of learning, teaching, and assessment.  The Delegation recognised great potential in aligning educational goals and fostering ongoing collaboration.

A significant point of interest was the exploration of student exchange programs. The  delegation strongly believe that the exchange of students between our regions would offer unique learning experiences and foster global perspectives by helping people understand each other's cultures better. The Delegation was particularly interested in how children at Midvale Early Childhood & Parenting Centre were taught words like "gravity" and "motion" through experiences. They found this method fascinating and would like to implement this method.  

Multi-cultural Integration Association ( MCIA ) and the Maldivian Delegation are excited about the prospects of this collaboration and are committed to exploring the avenues we have outlined.