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Message from Nigel David – Vice President – MCIA

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our newly appointed President, Dr. Mariyam Shakeela. We are thrilled to have someone of her caliber and extensive experience leading our organization to new heights.

Nigel David, MCIA, Perth, Western Australia
Nigel David addressing the MCIA community

Dr. Shakeela brings a distinguished background in politics, having served as the Foreign Minister of Maldives. Her expertise in international affairs and diplomatic relations will undoubtedly contribute to our organization's global outreach and impact. Additionally, her role as the Honorary Consul for Belgium in Maldives reflects her commitment to fostering strong international partnerships.

Beyond her political endeavours, Dr. Shakeela is also an accomplished businesswoman, serving as the CEO of the SIMDI Group of companies. Her leadership in one of the largest companies in Maldives showcases her astute business acumen and strategic vision. Furthermore, her role as an Advisory Panel Member of Curtin University demonstrates her dedication to education and knowledge dissemination.

Dr. Shakeela's contributions extend beyond the realm of politics and business. She is an esteemed member of various organizations and initiatives, including her involvement as a Member for WASL (Women's Alliance for Security Leadership). Her commitment to promoting women's empowerment and security is truly commendable. Additionally, as the Chairperson of the International Medical and Diagnostic Center and the Institute of Counselling and Psychotherapy, she demonstrates her passion for enhancing healthcare services and mental well-being within our community.

With her vast experience, Dr. Shakeela is well-equipped to lead our organization towards continued growth and impact. Her leadership will undoubtedly inspire and guide us as we work towards our mission of serving the community.

Once again, please join me in warmly welcoming Dr. Mariyam Shakeela as our new President. We are honoured to have such a remarkable individual at the helm of our organization, and we eagerly anticipate the positive changes and achievements that lie ahead under her guidance.

Dr Mariyam Shakeela, Nigel David, Perth, Western Australia, MCIA


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